bar & restaurant

Enjoy An Exciting Suite Of Exotic Culinary Tastes

Round Rock Apartment has its restaurant and bar that faces the ocean. It is the perfect place for you just to roll back your sleeves and relax. There is a delightful range of cuisines for you to not just taste but experience.

The restaurant is famous for its Bajan Cuisine and is the ideal place for Sunday Buffet Lunch, offering a wide selection of Bajan Dishes. The Thursday night Bar-B-Que provides sumptuous food. You would never want to get off the table after tasting the exotic West Indian Dishes.

The Bar & Restaurant is a well-suited place on the island to eat, drink and unwind. To cool off the heat, the bar serves a wide range of colourful cocktails. We also offer wine and beer specials along with some mixed drinks.

Don’t forget to try Willie’s famous Rum Punch.

Couple enjoying rum punch

There’s plenty to be happy about here at Round Rock Apartment.

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