How To Sell Your Atlanta House Faster in Winter

It is a traditional belief that most houses don’t sell as much in Winter. Well, there is no best time to sell a home. While bad weather may discourage potential buyers from venturing into buying a home, it is all about strategy. Here are some 6 tips to help you sell your Atlanta home faster in Winter;

  1. Decorate moderately

You want your home to sell fast, and you might find yourself over decorating. Too much decoration makes the house appear cluttered and small. Instead, focus on decorating using a few high-quality and attractive pieces.

Also, do not over spray the house. You would want your potential buyer swayed by the awesome strong vanilla scent. Unfortunately, we all have different preferences. A scent that may be appealing to you may not be appealing to someone else. Furthermore, you might get a potential buyer with allergic reactions.

  1. Don’t stop shoveling

You can’t stop the snow from falling, but you can make Winter the best way to sell the home by shoveling. Shoveling will convince your buyer that the house can withstand harsh climatic conditions. Ensure that paths leading to the home and any outbuildings are adequately salted and shoveled. If you have outdoor furniture, clear it away from the snow. Removing the furniture also helps a prospective buyer envision what changes they can make to the space.

  1. Check on the heating, ventilation and cooling system

Imagine if you found out the furnace doesn’t work after you test it with your potential buyer? We can all guess the outcome. Ensure all systems are fully functional, including the fireplace. Once you are sure the systems are okay, you can ask your real estate agent to mention this during viewings.

  1. Light up the home

During Winter, the days are shorter, and the clouds tend to be gray and low. Therefore, there will be less natural light, and it is up to you to lighten the home. A room with enough light feels inviting and tends to appear bigger. Keep the curtains and blinds open for daytime viewings, and have ample lighting for night viewings. You can also light up the spotlights and pathway to create an enchanting glow.

  1. Inspect for drafts

Thoroughly check the windows as well as doors for any drafts. Should you find any, seal them immediately with caulk. It is hard for someone to miss a drafty window, especially in the Winter. You wouldn’t want your buyer questioning how comfortable the home is. Besides, when a potential buyer notices a draft window or door, they immediately think of higher electricity bills.

  1. Ensure your home is wholesome and comfortable

Most people buying during the Winter are looking to shelter in a warm, cozy, and welcoming home. You can make your house welcoming by adding some warm colors or lighting up a fire during the tour. Alternatively, you can fix a hot drink for them to sip on during the tour.

In Conclusion

As we said, there is no best time to sell a home. While most people believe it is challenging to sell your home in Winter, it doesn’t make it impossible. Our 6 tips above will help you sell your Atlanta house fast. Remember to check on the HVAC system, and for drafts. An often over looked solution for selling your house faster in Winter is local property buyers like that buys houses in any condition year round.

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